Re: 5 years from now

Published on May 8, 2019

Joel Peven and I will have taken over the world.

My gf and I will still be duking out ideological jabs and haymakers at each other for hours at a time.

Dave will be doing something other than FBA and I will be seeing him more often. 

Lee's financial wealth will match his social wealth.

Drew Baker and I will be meeting for at least 20 intimate days out of the year.

I will be spend more than 80 days a year with my mom and dad.

I will be more honest.

I will be less stubborn.

I will be more ethical with myself and more lenient with others.

I will be more idealistic with myself and more understanding and appreciating of others.

My brother and I will have our relationship built on a whole new batch of ground.

My parents will learn from watching our relationship's transformation and consider the possibility of being able to progress their own relationship with him.

Jojo will still be alive. Either biologically or through a biography I write on her.

Yongseok and I will be living in the same area.

I will have visited my extended family at least twice.

I will have gone to Germany again.

I will have gone to Poland again.