Random thoughts from today

Published on Sep 10, 2020

I went on a walk with my housemates today. It's really beautiful here in Utah. It often feels like an alternate reality—things are so spread out here that in most situations it is not necessary to wear a mask outside. You just never come close enough to anyone.

I also gave an intro to a Slack community via a Loom recording instead of typing out all of my "accomplishments" and such. I hate when introductions end up being a regurgitation of what is on my LinkedIn. I'm a human! I'm not a resume for crying out loud. I'd much rather connect with someone who I vibe with than someone who I don't but we happen to share some similar interest.

Other things—walks are great. I need to get outside more often. No more exercising indoors. It's so lame.

Living in a house with people who do the dishes and take the trash out without being asked is an amazing experience. It honestly reminds me of a lot of the startup advice I see around hiring people, and how you should just hire smart people and get out of their way. There's an interesting analogy there, but I don't live with most of my friends so it isn't super applicable.