Random Rant

Published on Sep 17, 2019

I wanna know how @baz manages to be so awesome at writing.  

His post today about writing offline is quite inspiring I almost wanted to cry. Especially the way he describes the scenery and his surroundings while he sits in his balcony with his open notebook, pen and coffee... it's done in a very masterful way.  Very well done, @baz!

I don't know if I can manage to write offline with just pen and paper... my thoughts are always all over the place and I tend to first "vomit" every thought that comes to mind and onto my text editor through my fingers and keyboard.  Once they are all there staring at me in the face, THEN I re-arrange and edit every sentence as I see fit.  How do you presume I do that with pen and paper without making a huge mess and trashing my notebook!?

I'm open to the possibility that maybe my process for writing is just completely wrong, and if I wrote a different way, it would be more conducive to write offline in pen and paper like a normal human being.

But I'm a coder damn it! I love my text editors and my keyboards and I'm facing tremendous resistance to doing without them.

Maybe this is just something that I could ease my way into, little by little until I get a good feel and then becomes second nature?  I do not know, but I'm definitely open to giving it a try.

Now that I think about it, the one thing I like about pen and paper, is the ability to create little sketches and equations on the fly and next to my writing without needing to learn and use another annoying software tool for sketching.  

I should be able to just sketch something by hand and have it digitized auto-magically.  Why haven't someone already invented this?  It could allow me to add some awesome illustrations to my blog created in the spur of the moment, when the inspiration is still fresh in my mind.