On Why I Write

Published on Jul 24, 2019

I'm thrilled that I have finally decided to take action on something I've been meaning to do for a long time: And that is to develop the habit of journaling everyday.

The reasons that have motivated me to take this path are is that, by developing this habit, I seek to become better at achieving clear thinking, removing mental noise and becoming centered/grounded with what is coming up from within myself.  

In a world where humans are constantly being bombarded with information coming at us from every direction, shape and form, it is ever more important to make a conscious effort to take some time our of our busy lives to check-in with ourselves. Time to get clear on the signals coming from our own mind and body and what they're trying to tell us about the experience we are having in this moment. Given as to how life is all about being in our experience.

I see journarling as the perfect gateway for intentionally reaching this state of mind. With the added benefits that your thoughts get recorded for prosperity, giving you the option to revisit them at a later time.

So I'm gonna start with a commitment to write for 2 minutes every day, whether I achieve the 200-word goal or not. But at least get in the 2 minutes, in hopes that this will lead me to become better at coming up with 200 words. So far today I surpassed both the 2 minutes and 200-word goals, let's see if I can get a streak going :)