On Reading again

Published on Aug 25, 2020

In the last few months, I have preferred reading over watching or listening. Not because I am a really fast reader, but because I wanted to read more.

Looking back, I see many days where I fell for watching instead of reading. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it bothers me. I think the main reason is that reading is way more exhausting than just watching stuff.

Also, it bothers me that I don't have a dedicated reading place currently in my Apartment. Although I try to designate the Balcony to read, the bad weather the last days made it so I couldn't get out and enjoy myself.

Inside I am normally reading inside my bed or at the lunch table. Both of them don't provide a comfy position to read.

I think staring the whole day at a screen also isn't helping. After eight hours or more the eyes are just tired of reading. As a developer, I'm doing it the whole day. Reading code, writing code, testing, repeat.

Maybe I should get my yellow-stained glasses out again. Although they are made for gaming, they make it easier to stare at the screen the whole day (they filter most of the blue light).

Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. :)

Reading tips are welcome. :)