Published on Sep 2, 2020

Travel is no cure for the mind. Vacations are not a panacea for all the other problems in your life.

Even if you were to move to another country permanently, it doesn't mean it will automatically be a magical experience. The same sights you used to pay to see will become the drab monuments that you pass by on your commute to work. Only strong mental health can transcend all the physical places you go and make you happy. Everything else is temporary and fleeting. But you are stuck with your mind for your whole life.

That being said, switching up my physical environment has typically been a boon for productivity. If I have a new workspace that I've been so distracted at that I'm conditioned to be distracted there, it's time to switch it up. This doesn't even have to be a different home or living situation, but simply moving your desk around to the other side of the room can give you a clean slate.

I try to catch myself when I do something distracting in my place of productivity. To be clear though, entertainment is necessary, but I just personally find that I need a particular space to do it in apart from where work gets done.