Microsoft FlightSimluator - Day 2

Published on Sep 5, 2020

After a "medium-long" workday I got myself into the cockpit of a Beechcraft Baron 58 again. As I have written yesterday, I need to get "my" plane from the Philippines to Austria.

I planned a pretty good route yesterday, just to find out I couldn't land at one Airfield as it isn't in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Back to the drawing board, it was.

I then thought I will fly from the island I was on (ICAO: RCWA) to Hongkong International (ICAO: VHHH) to find a route through mainland china. After about two hours and 15 minutes, I arrived in Hongkong.

After that, I took a look at what routes would be possible and found one to Wujiaba (ICAO: ZPPP). According to my calculations, the flight should take around 4 hours.

I could speed it up through the Flight Simulator, but I read that there are some problems with it. So I will have to fly the whole four hours on my own. Luckily the Baron I bought got an Autopilot.

So I can do other stuff while monitoring the plane. It would be interesting to know what "real" pilots are doing on their trips around the globe. As soon as the plane is doing what you want it to do, there isn't much to do for a pilot.

However, I'm thankful my rig is still powerful enough to run the simulator, even time acceleration isn't working right.