Microsoft FlightSimluator

Published on Sep 2, 2020

Microsoft is back with a new "Microsoft Flight Simulator". The last version of it was FSX which was initially released in 2006. So they let themselves 14 years to create a new version.

This new version was just released recently on the 18th of August. I never really played FSX, because I got X-Plane 11 when I started my virtual flying career. For me, X-Plane seemed more advanced than the more or less "old" FSX.

X-Plane 11 was released in 2017 so it is about 10 years "younger" than FSX. As far as I know, it is also the officially licenced training software for "real" pilots.

I checked out some videos on the new Microsoft one and I have to say it looks really great. It is also interesting that you get 35 planes on the 120€ edition. I looked through the list of included planes and if I had to buy them separately for FSX or X-Plane 11, they would cost probably a few hundred Euros on their own.

It also comes with live weather and advanced simulated aeroplane systems. Both are paid addons on FSX and X-Plane 11. So for 120 Euro, you get a really feature-rich software, both predecessors (FSX & XP11) don't have nearly as much stuff in the "base game".

After some back and forth in my head, I bought it today. I won't be able to play as it needs to download about 100 gigabytes of stuff, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening. I hope my computer is still powerful enough. As far as I saw I got at least the minimum system requirements. We'll see.