Published on May 23, 2019

We live in a skill economy where what you know and what you do define where you stand within society. Nurturing your skills is by definition how you climb the social ladder.

Writing is probably the most underrated business skill. The one skill to rule all skills, and more importantly, your life.

There is nothing you can't put in words, that's how powerful they are.

Writing is learning, education is asking the right questions.

Writing is organizing your thoughts, to give them structure, store them, and present them efficiently.

Writing is healing, it has a cathartic effect on your mind. Humans are bipolar animals, words help you cope with the conflicting emotions tiring you apart.

Writing is meditating, it clears your head to process information at a higher level of focus.

Writing is persuading. It allows you to justify your acts, to demonstrate who you are and your ideas. It builds trust.

Writing is sharing: exposing your ideas to the world and documenting your existence is proof of care and love.

Writing is growing. To look at the past to build the future.

Writing is leaving a legacy. People come and go, words remain. It's been around since 3500 BC, and it's not gonna stop.

Write today.