Life gets in the way

Published on Sep 4, 2020

Lost my streak! Whoopsie. But life gets in the way. And yesterday, life got in the way in the best way possible—I landed a job that I'm super excited about. I'm not going to worry about writing 200 words on a day so pivotal.

Everyone I've talked to at the company has been so smart and had such a high EQ. The product is super compelling and their revenue numbers are completely bonkers. I was planning on spending the next couple months unemployed, but this opportunity came across my desk and I couldn't pass it up. I've never been more excited to learn and grow with a group of people I respect so much.

I've also learned that your network is everything. No single person can know about all the interesting opportunities out there, but by knowing people, helping people, and talking about what you are interested in, exciting opportunities always seem to find their way to me. And I feel incredibly privileged and fortunate to be in a situation like that.

My last streak ended at around 40 days. Let's get this next one to at least 80 days, until the end of November at the earliest. Time to get started ?.