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Published on Sep 15, 2020

On optimisation

There is too much talk about being better and faster at something. I think it makes far too many people anxious insinuating that they aren't doing enough. Such as:

  • Get more things done in X time with these tools.
  • Run more experiments to grow your startup faster. 
  • Adopt a different mindset to achieve more. 

I argue that:

  • Optimisation might give you a brief boost. But think if the marginal gains are worth the extra effort. Not everything needs to be optimised, all the time. Keep your stack very short, very simple and you might gain more time.
  • Is it an experiment or is it a fact that it has to be fixed? Must everything be an experiment with the sake of moving fast? Could you not see that even by running a campaign, or even just fix something is a step in the right direction? I argue that you progress as long as you are learning something new. Stop prioritizing the word fast, in everything growth-related.
  • There are too many people suggesting too many types of mindsets. Growth mindsets, product-led, sales-led, tech-led, AI-led, knowledge-led. Usually, it goes like this - if you start with X mindset, the rest will follow. Just get things started, and be flexible with what arrives. Adopting a new mindset can work for a while, but only if it really suits your predicament. I'm willing to bet that not everything can be applied to you.

What do you think?