Know your competitors

Published on Sep 10, 2020

As I have written previously, I want to work on a product around Microsofts new Flight simulator. I have also written that I'm really enjoying FSEconomy. A site where you can make a "career" as a pilot.

The thing is, FS Economy is currently heavily overloaded with new people signing up. Somehow they didn't automate the process of new users signing up so every user has to be validated by real people.

I read a bunch on the forums and on Reddit and noticed one thing, many people are annoyed that it takes forever to get a new account currently.

Last weekend I was also watching Squirrel on Twitch as he was playing MS FS 2020 and FS Economy. And what I noticed besides the complaining of people was that many wanted to donate for FS Economy or pay completely for it. As far as I have heard they only collect donations once a year, to a maximum of 2000 US-Dollars for Tax reasons.

So my thought is, why not building something similar, that could have premium features? I know FS Economy grew over many years, but I see there could be a potential to open up a market. The base could be free, just like CoWriters or Makerlog is, but with paid addons.

But before doing anything it is time to take a closer look at FS Economy. What can be done on the Platform, how do they do things and what could I replicate easily?

If you want to enter a market with a product, you need to know your competitors.