Investing in content creators

Published on Aug 24, 2020

There are a couple of insanely cool programs I've come across in the last couple days:

They are both incubation programs for writers. These kinds of opportunities used to only be available for founders! But like founders, not everyone has the resources (whether that means capital, mentorship, etc.) to be able to or know how to get started.

There's some interesting distinctions between the programs though. The On Deck fellowship has a "large" upfront cost (depending on how you look at it), with no formal investment attached. It seems they don't actually provide any capital but given the $2000 cohort fee and the name-brand list of people in the first cohort, I suspect that most people that fit the mold they are looking for wouldn't struggle a terrible amount to take time off without a steady income.

The Cooperative Capital fellowship offers creators $20,000 (+ mentorship, etc.) with an associated Shared Earnings Agreement. The terms are that the firm takes 20% of your earnings over $20,000 for 5 years or up to 3x their initial investment. I'm not sure how fair this is. If it's the difference between writing full-time or not, it probably is a worthwhile cost, but I'm less sure for those in a financially stable position.