Here's to Dumb Ideas

Published on Aug 15, 2019

I posted an idea about co-writing a short book.

It's a dumb idea. I have proof.

We're all adults here, so we know our days aren't chock full of wide-open chunks of do-nothing time. 

We're busy. 

When we're not busy doing stuff we-think-we -have-to do, we're in recovery-mode busying ourselves with things-we-think-we-want-to do.

Well, the idea is that we split the cost of a pre-made cover and have co-ownership of a digital book project. 

But, as the adult humans that we are, we know that's kinda BS. The work is not going to be distributed evenly.

Somebody is going to do more than their fair share of work -- or the whole thing will die in a domino effect of ghosting each other -- it's a thing.

So why did I think It would be fun?

Simply: There are some good stories here on 200 words.

@baz is inspirational - with his manifestos and twitter marketing funnels

@5plus6 is discovering her unique place in this world and in her teeth

@sarasilva brings a lightness of being and tales from her home town metro artists

@philh admits he eats pizza in bed ( the sign of a confident man with nothing to prove )

@twizzle shares real struggles anonymously -- for fear of retribution (smart man)

@lucjah shows up -- even if she's used all her energy taking grandchildren to the beach

@jacklyons loses his streak and jumps back on the horse admitting he doesn't know why he's here. But, he's here. He shows up and it's fantastic. ( does anybody know? )

@jasonleow brings a Yoda-like calmness to our process and shares what he's learning elsewhere

@keni washes us with the smile she reserves for 1-on-1 connections -- but we sense it

@abrahamkim can write a diner scene full of drugged co-eds like no other. (or he's working on it )

So, do we need a cover and direction and stories and plot? Would it be enjoyable?

Anybody here not have enough to do already?