Here I go again

Published on Sep 16, 2019

When I think about it I feel it's strange. How can it be that I feel helped by a community of people I have never met? That is exactly what happens here at the 200wad. Maybe it's supposed to be that way, but nonetheless it seems weird.

I wish I could meet you and know who you are. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go out for dinner? But here I am, in my country, longing for friends like you. I have my local friends but sometimes I feel I could better relate to people like you, that write here at 200wad. It's a strange world, of that I'm sure.

People never seem to be satisfied with what they have. At this stage in my life I would really care for some fresh new friends. Is this a normal feeling? I don't know. I just know that this is what I feel.

I would like to reconnect with old friends too, but then again this depends on their will to reconnect with me. I can't order people what they should do. I just feel like finding new friends, or get to know some old friends in a new light. Wanna be friends?