Foaming a new habit

Published on Oct 10, 2019

Recently I started listening to an audiobook called Atomic Habits. This is one of the new york times best-selling book. And this book was suggested by my elder brother after reading it!

Atomic Habits writing is simple and straightforward. Unless other habit forming books, James Clear doesn’t bog me down with a lot of conceptual materials. Before this, I got some great takeaways from "The Power of Habit", written by Charles Duhigg. But this is next-level with a lot of practical guide to identifying and changing your habits.

The idea behind the book is that habits are the compound interest of behavior. Get 1% better each day, and you will rarely notice a change on any given day, but by the end of a year, you will be 38% better than when you started. This is the essence of James Clear’s method.

To build a good habit:

- Make it obvious (the cue)

- Make it attractive (the craving)

- Make it easy (the response)

- Make it satisfying (the reward)

To break a bad habit:

- Make it invisible (the cue)

- Make it unattractive (the craving)

- Make it hard (the response)

- Make it unsatisfying (the reward)

In summary, I highly recommend Atomic Habits. If the topic of habit formation is new to you, I think this book is probably the best resource you’ll find.