Everything new?

Published on Sep 11, 2020

So Baz finished large parts of the transition from PHP to NodeJS and we are presented with a new look for Cowriters, now Writelier.

Although I can't wrap my head around on how to pronounce the new name I enjoy the new layout. Especially the editor seems more cleaned up.

But there are many things still missing. The two things I noticed right away are tags and collections. I think the data is still there but we don't have a UserInterface yet. I don't mind missing a few things for now. Also, notifications are missing, which means I might not answer every comment. :)

I think it would have been better if those things would have been implemented from the start, but who am I to judge Baz? We can't thank him enough for building the platform and bringing us, the community, together. I can't wait to see the new things that are planned and the stuff that will happen from now on.

Until all features are back from the "old" version, we can still write daily and enjoy reading stories. Enough for me. :)