Dream: Drift

Published on Sep 15, 2020

Somehow my brain is dreaming short stories currently instead of "normal" dreams. But I enjoy that, this one and the last one could be used as a base for a novel. Interestingly I saw this one almost like a movie in a theatre, where I could manipulate the action with my thoughts.

You can almost see every paragraph as a different scene.


A man is running out of an office building. He has a telephone in his hand and calls his wife. "Honey, something happened, we never expected to happen. I'll see you inside the Bunker". He hangs up and continues to run to his car. Meanwhile, his wife doesn't think about a minute what he just said and proceeds into the basement. A large door with "Bunker" on it awaits her and she goes through it.

As the man arrives at his car, he can hear sirens starting to howl in the office building. His only thought "what have we done?".

While he is driving the short distance from the office building to his house, multiple thoughts float inside his mind: "Will the bridge stay stable? Will we have enough supplies? What will stay?".

As he arrives at home he almost jumps out of the car. He doesn't even bother shutting it down or locking it as he begins to run again. Towards basement. Towards Bunker.

He runs into the basement and steps through the door. Behind the door stands his wife, completely shocked. He doesn't have time for her yet and so he shouts "follow me!".

Both start to run and jump into an elevator. The door shuts, "Observatory" the man says still shouting. The elevator starts going upwards.

They arrive at the Observatory and see the Earth from a special perspective. A colleague of the man shows up: "The pressure wave will reach us in a few seconds, some bunkers have already been hit and destroyed. I hope yours holds." - "It will" the man insists.

An alarm breaks the silence the shockwave delivered. A strange voice starts talking "Level 3 Wave, dome stable, drifting".

More and more people are coming to the Observatory. "Where are we", the wife of the man asks in tears, "and what did just happen?" - "Later" the short answer of the man.


"Wellcome to the Bunker. You are probably wondering what you're doing here, let alone how you got here from your basement.", the man makes an attempt to explain the situation, "By entering the bunker, you have crossed an Einstein-Rosenberg bridge and are now in a dimension beyond the previously known. My colleagues and I have been working on this for several years, should the experiment that took place today go wrong. Since we are here, I have to announce that it has gone horribly wrong."

Some people start to cry. Probably the once who knew which experiment the man has in mind and what might have happened.

"As you could easily see there was a big explosion you could observe from the Observatory, where we are standing currently. The object you were looking at did not only look like our earth but it also was, unfortunately, our earth. I'm sorry to tell you that all those you don't see here, in the observatory, are either dead or in another bunker. I can't understand it fully myself yet."

"Man is a wolf to men and so it is not surprising that he destroys his own habitat. You are here on the once largest Interdimensional Research Station. Called the bunker. As already mentioned, it is located outside of the previously known dimensions, but it is not detached from them. When you arrived you heard a voice that drift was detected. What, why and how I will explain to you later."

"As soon as the waves of the explosion subside, we should be able to find other bunkers here from the observatory. Since it hit us with a great force, I, unfortunately, believe that we are on the last remaining bunker. It is also possible that some of them have drifted way further than we did or to be specific do."


I didn't wake up at that time, but my memory is way to foggy to continue writing on it. As a side note, I know exactly how the man and his wife look, he was one of my teachers a few years back. I think I met his wife at an evening ball. The college of the man who made an appearance at the observatory is one of my coworkers.

Sometimes our dreams are really strange. I hope you've enjoyed this one. :)