Distraction at work!

Published on Oct 8, 2019

It's really difficult to stay productive for long hours! And no matter what our work look like, there is always opportunities for distraction. 

Distractions are part of life and, if it's a small break, can actually be a good thing! Small break often help us to refresh our mind and avoid stress. But when you take too much time away from important tasks and do some low priority work, you're damaging your own productivity. 

So how do you get things done with proper focus and avoid distractions? Here's a list of things which I do to keep my productivity level really high!

Before I get started my work, I usually spend 10 mins for meditation. It's really helps me to get an idea or whole picture of what my day look like. 

Once meditated I'll prioritise my list based on the priority. And this list preparation really helps me to understand my important tasks. 

Ofcourse distractions are going to happen. So I usually dedicate some time to control my distractions. Most of my distractions are from mobile notification or through calls. To control notification, I turned off all the unnecessary app notifications. And not to pick any calls.